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Minecraft Earth Ultimate Crafting Guide


Much like in the main game, crafting plays a fundamental part in the gameplay action for Minecraft Earth.

While you gather sources as well as things via tappables and experiences, you’ll use them to craft various blocks and also tools.

Do not be fooled though, Crafting in Minecraft Earth isn’t specifically the like the primary Minecraft game. The most significant difference is products actually take real-time to make.

minecraft earth crafting

To access the Crafting selection in Minecraft Earth, faucet on the “Make Things” choice, which is available from the menu on the bottom of the display when you’re on the Overworld Map.

From here, you’ll have the alternative to pick between making use of the Crafting Table, Stonecutter, Furnace, or Enchanting Table functions (yet allows save the later ones for one more overview!).

To being developing products or new blocks, simply pick Crafting, and afterward pick a recipe for the product you wish to make from a listing.

You also have the alternative to choose the number of products you wish to craft if you want to make several. Just make sure you have sufficient of the needed product!

Likewise, once more, remember – unlike the major video game, in Minecraft Earth it takes actual time to craft items. For example, a Ruby Pickaxe takes 8 hours. It is feasible to speed this up with premium currency nevertheless.

Rubies can be used to accelerate the time it takes to craft items and smelting. They can be bought in the marketplace and from hitting tappables.

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