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Watch how to get free RUBIES and MINECOINS in minutes

Premium Currency #1


Minecraft Earth has microtransactions that could be used to purchase cosmetics items or gameplay components like Buildplates.

These are called rubies or minecoins.

Through Minecraft Earth there are a few options to get ruby. The simplest way to do so is to access tappables.

You may also win Rubies as an activity bonus in Adventures, just note that it can be risky!

Eventually, you can also buy rubies from the Overworld Map shop.

You can use it on the game store to obtain more plates or shorten the waiting times for crafts / smelting.

Getting rubies is a slow process so our hack enable you to focus on the fun building aspect instead of grinding.

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Premium Currency #2


Minecoins are Minecraft Earth's other virtual currency, but they are quite unique compared to Rubies.

Players can purchase in Minecraft Earth store or through the other editions of Minecraft game.

Minecoins are used in Minecraft Earth for cosmetics to create new accessories, clothes and decoration choices for the function of Character Creator.

You can also use Minecoins for all Bedrock edition of Minecraft on the Marketplace store.

These can also be used to purchase skin packs on Minecraft Earth that are also free for use.

Like Rubies, Minecoins are extremely expensive in the game store so we provide a free and safe way to obtain Minecoins for your Minecraft Earth mobile game.

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What is Minecraft Earth?


Minecraft Earth Beta

Minecraft Earth is the all-new AR game where you can play on your smartphones to bring life of Minecraft everywhere you go! You will be able to build sculptures with friends through the game’s camera and put them at life-size in the real world. In your buildings, you will discover exciting new mobs to use. And you might need to test your expertise when visiting your community on a new challenge!

Minecraft Earth brings the successful open-ended sandbox game and turns it into an AR world on your mobile devices, just like Pokemon Go, Ingress and Harry Potter: Wizard Unite.

When you walk around using the map of the game, you can find “tappables“— trees, gems, crates, chickens, and other common Minecraft artifacts— that you can press to collect items to hold in store. You can also create structure models and then place them on a full scale in the real world to explore on your own or with friends.

It is available to download right now on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.



Minecraft Earth Gameplay

Like Pokemon Go, you typically play Minecraft Earth outdoors, using the game world map to find objects to capture and areas to discover.

Trees, pigs, chests and other items from Minecraft spawn on the map as you walk around. When you’re in the reach of an artifact that can be pressed, your mobile gives you a bit of buzz and you can touch the object to find items to attach to your inventory.

The set of products earns you levels of experience, or XP, to level up. Inventory room is infinite, unlike some other AR players, so you can raise as many oak logs and cobblestones piles as you want.

Through competing in competitions and activities, you can also earn experience points.

Find difficulties by typeing a sign on the tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Challenges book to see your assignments, ranging from animal collection and torch placing to structures building.

Remember that the game prevents you from collecting objects at speeds greater than 15 miles / hour–so try playing as a passenger, but don’t even suggest building structures behind the wheel.

Can you also Play Minecraft Earth at Home?


Minecraft Earth Buildplates

To some degree, of course. Start with what the game calls buildplates, which are prefabricated structures in the world that you can use to create your own design, if you want to build. They’re basically saving you time.

Building boards are easier to work indoors, where you can put the small-scale model on a table and go from there.

Five of these ready-made models are available for free, and the game shop sells a few more you can purchase with rubies, the game’s currency.

Each of the buildplates cost 75 to 375 rubies. You can earn rubies by collecting items found on the map and by using real money you can buy them in bulk through the store, ranging from $1.99 to $39.99. Fortunately, you can also get them for free on MCHAX!

You can’t uninstall and undo it once you’ve started working on a buildlplate. Of course, using your money, you could restore anything that was initially on the buildplate.

Play Modes


You work on small-scale model versions of structures using “Build mode.” Then you put a full-size version on the map of the game when you’re happy with your creation.

Full-size version of “Play mode” will disappear when you’re done with it, and everything you do with this complete-scale version will never be saved back to your structure’s Build mode version.

And to help you build and explore structures, you can invite friends. Even the smallest full-size structures are large, so ensure you get enough room to set up your architecture and explore it.



Minecraft Earth Crafting

Tap the Make Stuff icon on the bottom below the map

Tap the Crafting area to create an item, choose a recipe from the lower half of the window, pick how many items you want to make and then press Craft. For example, a stone sword takes a little over 3 minutes, and a diamond pickax is 8 hours. Now you can craft just one item at a time, but in a forthcoming update you will be able to craft items at the same time.

Smelting is the same as it is. Click the Smelting region, select a fuel source and a recipe, and tap Smelt to continue. Again, there are different smelting times for different items.

Use your Rubies to speed up the crafting process.

How to Play Adventures?


In Adventures mode, you can visit caves and battle skeletons. These adventures are labeled with a beacon on the map, and you tap to enter when you’re within one’s range.

Actually trying an adventure involves chopping, digging, chop and fighting aggressive enemies so make sure to bring a weapon along. If you finished the mission effectively, your will be heavily rewarded.

There’s a time limit so act fast and it is best to complete quest with friends.



Minecraft Earth Skins MineCoins

Minecraft Earth comes with Steve and Alex’s default skins, but by tapping your username icon in the top-left corner you can change your desired skin. Click the Role tab from there, then click Edit Now, either tap the Classic Skins tab at the bottom right to pick a ready-made skin, or tap the middle Character Creator tab to create our own personalized skin.

Minecoins can also be used in the Character Creator for cosmeticsThey range from 320 to $1.99 to 3.500 for $19,99. Again you can get Minecoins for free here!


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